Bronze Age Enclosure

During fieldwalking in 2010 we discovered a discrete deposit of cremated bone that had been exposed in a field during ploughing. A small flint tool, called a thumbnail scraper, found with the bone suggested this was probably Bronze Age in date. This led us to conduct a geophysical survey that identified a potential circular enclosure immediately next to the cremation. In 2012 we excavated in this part of the field. This allowed us to excavate the rest of the cremation we had identified in 2010, and subsequently a radiocarbon date secured from this showed that it did indeed date to the Bronze Age, to sometime in the 1600s BC (so probably shortly after the burials at Ricky’s Cairn). We also managed to locate and dig a small slot through the circular enclosure. Although no material was recovered, this suggested a complex sequence of digging, backfilling and cutting of postholes into the fill. A Bronze Age date for this enclosure seems very likely. This, alongside some other smaller features found nearby, suggests there was some considerable amount of prehistoric activity here, but clearly further, and larger, excavations are needed to find out more.


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