Swordle Corrach

Swordle Corrach was one of three Swordle townships occupied prior to the clearances during the mid 1800s. After three seasons of work here, and opening trenches over four structures, it appears we have a settlement of at least two phases; an earlier unmortared building, probably a byre, with a gable end and a hipped-roof end, and later houses built of mortared stone with two chimneys. It seems as though these later structures at least had been deliberately demolished. Excitingly, one of the houses still retained a fireplace at one end, and a fire/stove grate complete with hot plates at the other.

We have been lucky to receive a grant from the Society for Post-Medieval Archaeology to help us examine the artefacts from this site. As we look at the hundreds of finds we have located from these houses we hope we will learn more about people’s lives on the site and how they too were tied into international exchange relations. We have also undertaken historical research about the settlement which is helping tell us more about the archaeology.

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