A busy few weeks for ATP

It’s been a busy time since our last blog! We completed our 2014 excavation report and submitted this to Historic Scotland. We will make it available on our website soon. We also appeared on Digging for Britain, on BBC4, which was so exciting to see the project and the site on telly! Finally one quarter of the directorial team, Phil Richardson, has been on the peninsula with his Archaeology Scotland hat on, working alongside his colleague Cara Jones, and University of Manchester student Sarah Ashford with the Ardnamurchan Community Archaeology group. The group did some graveyard survey and walk over survey to spot more sites which will be invaluable for future work to understand the Peninsula’s past. And talking of future work, our mind is now firmly turning towards our next season of work on the Peninsula, this July and August, as University of Manchester and University of Leicester students begin signing up for places on the project, this week and next. We can’t wait to find out who will be in our 2015 team!

Finally, although not heritage related, we were all keeping a close eye on news from the Peninsula after the Lysblink Seaways ran aground off the Kilchoan jetty last month, but was fortunately safely refloated and eventually towed away. Our project has been working on the Ardnamurchan Peninsula since 2006, and we care deeply for the wonderful community and the beautiful environment. As a result, we were grateful for Jon Haylett’s excellent blog coverage of the event – and we were thrilled to hear, through Jon’s blog, that what could have been a very serious incident, passed without any adverse affects in the end. Jon poses some interesting questions that were raised by the West Ardnamurchan Community Council, in the aftermath of the grounding, on a more recent blog, and we all hope that the peninsula is not threatened by any further groundings.

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