2012 Dig Dates and Open Days

We are happy to announce that we will be excavating in Swordle Bay this summer from 5th–26th August 2012. The team will include staff from the Universities of Manchester, Leicester and Durham as well as archaeologists from CFA Archaeology Ltd, Archaeology Scotland, Headland Archaeology and Jacobs. We will also be joined by students from the University of Manchester and the University of Leicester, as well as a few volunteers from the local community and beyond. We are really looking forward to it and will be posting our plans for excavation in future blog entries so keep an eye out for those!

During our dig season we would like to invite members of the public to come along and see our excavations on our site open days. These will be held 10.00-3.30 on SUNDAY 12th and SUNDAY 19th August 2012.

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