Monthly Archives: July 2012

2011 Viking Boat Burial Data Structure Report now available

The Data Structure Report for the 2011 excavation of the Viking Boat Burial is now available. Please click the PDF icon to view it.


Public talk at the Kilchoan Community Centre

On Thursday 9th August we will be giving a talk on ‘The Ardnamurchan Viking…and other discoveries’ at the Kilchoan Community Centre at 8pm. It is open to everyone so please feel free to come along if you’d like to learn more about last year’s exciting discoveries and our plans for the future.

Reminder: 2012 Dig Dates and Open Days

Just to remind you, we will be excavating in Swordle Bay this summer from 5th – 26th August 2012. During our dig season we would like to invite members of the public to come along and see our excavations on our site open days. These will be held 10-3.30 SUNDAY 12th and SUNDAY 19th August 2012.

We will mainly be excavating at the Iron Age promontory fort of Dun Mhurchaidh, but for health and safety reasons we ask visitors not to come to this site (it is on a very precipitous promontory and can only fit limited numbers of people!). But we will also be investigating one of the other (likely) post-medieval settlements in the bay, as well as undertaking some preliminary investigation into another potential prehistoric funerary monument that we identified during our walkover and geophysical surveys of 2010. The work at these sites will be the main focus of our open days. Signs at key points in the area will indicate where you can park and where to go.